Why Your Dog Is Clingy? Here’s The Answer!

September 11, 2016
  • They bark and cry when left alone for just a minute or two…
  • They stick to your side like glue even when at home…
  • They become destructive within the house…

You probably choose to read this article for one reason… you are experiencing or at least have experienced being in this situation. You just suddenly get confused by your dog’s behavior…and what’s frustrating is … you can’t understand them.

This can be very hard to answer if there is no obvious trigger for the change of behavior. And so, it is important for you, owner, to look at things thoroughly and dig deeper to find out the potential reasons behind. This is your job…

The following are the 6 MAJOR reasons why your dog becomes clingy.


1. They Need Attention


The first probable reason is the lack of attention. It can be that your pup has grown fond of playing with you every single day. And when the time comes where you have to change your schedule, you can’t play with your pup anymore, your pup might get uncomfortable with it.

One scenario that might be happening is your dog might be inactive when you are out. He might be sleeping all day, without his companion to play and snuggle with. When the time you come home, he goes from super bored to super excited. Yes, this might be the reason why your dog feels ultimately happy when you come home, and he doesn’t want to leave your side anymore.

Now that you are there, he wants to play fetch, receive ear rubs, belly rubs, head pats treats and other stuff that you might find clingy in your part. He also wants to make sure that he gets what he wants from you – those pats and scrubs especially. So the very thing he would do is to follow you around in every minute. He would lay when you sit in your chair, be there when you eat your meal, follow you even in the bathroom, and even barks at you to make you notice him.

This is a very common situation for the dogs – to feel the lack of attention when they’re owner have left them for hours. This is not alarming; this is something normal. Dogs are commonly affectionate and you just have to provide the affection to them.

2. Dependence

If your dog is now experiencing little discomforts, like going deaf, blind, or is suffering from any disabilities, they might get very dependent on you – the most trusted person on the planet. Your dog may become clingy as a manifestation of his coping mechanism, and so feel guilty if you feel bad about his being clingy! Yes, it can always happen even if your dog was once a very independent one.

If you feel that he is not directly responding to your commands and have difficulty like bumping on things, not hearing what you are saying, etc., take him immediately to your trusted vet. If your vet can find out the causes, or find out that really has some medical issues, the vet will advise you on what to do and what to provide him.

3. Illness

Don’t get them wrong. If your dog is sick and feels uncomfortable, he can be super clingy to you. It can confuse them and if they don’t know what’s going on and so, they need to be at your side. If they feel distressed, they can be clingy too. For example, if your dog has the epileptic tendency, a clingy behavior is often one of the first indicators of an incoming seizure.

If your dog suffers from seizures and you are starting to see him being clingy or restless, watch him closely as you will need to give him to the nearest vet you can find. Of course, your dog might feel other illness than seizures, make sure to watch him closely.

4. Fear And Discomfort


When your dog feels scared or uncomfortable, he can be very clingy too. In most cases, when he feels afraid, he can go to his spots like both your bed, couch, etc. that your dog might find you as the ultimate security blanket from any discomfort he feels!

You might find it clingy but this is a serious situation for him. He can feel uncomfortable when he hears some things such as a loud noise on the TV or a thunderstorm outside the house, or anything that frightens him very - which provokes him to be very dependent on you.

5. Separation Anxiety

If you always find your dog ransacking everything in your house, and messing up with everything he found, it can be an indication of anxiety. If happens that this only comes out when you are not with him, separation anxiety is what happening. He can get very anxious when you leave and he probably doesn’t want you to go outside anymore without him. This is the reason why he can be so clingy!

6. Age


This is also a very common reason for this "clinginess". His behavior can be linked to his getting old and his being clingy. It is like, when he was still a puppy, he was always on your side, always afraid of something. He feels it again... and that might be the reason why you find him very clingy, trying to stick himself up on you. This is also associated with his cognitive dysfunction due to aging. Symptoms include confusion, loss of old fears, restlessness, excessive grooming and creation of new fears.

There will really come a time that even if we feel affectionate towards our dog, we seem to feel a bit uncomfortable with this kind of behavior – due to the busy schedule, we have every day. But one thing we have to remember is that the least thing we can do is provide them the security that they deserve.


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