Why Do Dogs Scratch The Floor? Some Of The Top Reasons Why

Once the dog is scratching on the floor, you should be aware that there are reasons behind such an act. Dogs would scratch the floor due to certain reasons and once you figure out these reasons, there could be a greater chance that you could stop the said behavior at the same time you could save the flooring.

Stop wondering why do dogs scratch the floor through learning these reasons. 


Domesticated dogs which scratch the floor prior to lying down might do the act due to an instinct that scratching could lead to a safer and softer resting place. However, in the wild, dogs would scratch the ground in order to create a temperature-controlled and comfortable sleeping spots.

Why Do Dogs Scratch The Floor? Some Of The Top Reasons Why

And there are numbers of reasons as to why do dogs scratch the floor. These reasons must be considered by many dog owners in order to stop unwanted behavior.

Top Reasons Why Dogs Scratch The Floor

Some of the most common reasons as to why dogs would scratch the floor include the following:

Natural Instincts

Indeed, dogs are wired to dig. Scratching would help the wild dogs to create comfortable and secure nests wherein they could rest. Knowing that digging and scratching behaviors are considered to be useful to wild dogs so the urge to continue the said practice is hardwired literally to the canine DNA.

Why Do Dogs Scratch The Floor? Natural Instinct

Even if there is an assurance of secure and comfortable sleeping areas in the modern houses today, most dogs would find it hard to resist the urge of creating a nest through scratching on the floor or ground.


Some dogs would simply consider scratching on the floor than play with their toys or chase their tail. There are dogs which are bored or those with excess energy would more likely to engage in such behavior compare to those that are exercised properly or entertained easily through other means.

Why Do Dogs Scratch The Floor? Entertainment

Once the dog has too much energy and there is no way to get rid of it, dogs might adopt some strange as well as destructive behaviors. Scratching and digging on the floor could be one of their ways to deal with pent-up energy, however, giving them a better outlet could be considered.

Territorial Claims

Scratching on the tile floor or on other surfaces could also be a form of canine communication. Once dogs scratch on the floor, they are indeed claiming the spot to be theirs.

Why Do Dogs Scratch The Floor? Territorial Claims

The dog paws bottom has special glands which release a territorial scent into the floor once they scratch. This odor would let the dog know that they should keep moving since the scented spot has been claimed already.


There is a fact that tile floors might not be the most comfortable surface for dogs to lie on that is the reason why some dogs would feel the need of scratching them prior to settling down for them to rest.

Why Do Dogs Scratch The Floor? Comfort

Most dogs would use such behavior in making the ground a lot cosier or as of great help in finding a more snug position to rest in.

Physical Illness

Abnormal behavior such as continuous carpet scratching might indicate a physical or mental condition which the veterinarian should diagnose. Let’s say, for instance, once dogs have a thyroid imbalance, it might compel them to engage in a destructive behavior like scratching.

Why Do Dogs Scratch The Floor? Physical Illness

Once you are concerned about the destructive behavior of your dog then keep track of its frequency then ask the vet about testing for such conditions that might cause it.

Fear and Anxiety

Once dogs dig at the carpet as a response to outside stimuli, it could be a response to anxiety or fear. As for an example, once dogs always do it during a storm or once strangers would come over, then dogs are frightened and would just want to escape from the tormentor.

Why Do Dogs Scratch The Floor? Fear & Anxiety

It could be the same when dogs only do it once you leave the house making it as a response to separation anxiety. But working with a professional trainer might help break the said habit as to why do dogs scratch on floor and leave them a lot more comfortable even you are not at home.

Those are some of the most common reasons as to why dogs would scratch floors and be aware of these reasons should be considered by every dog owner. Knowing the reasons why do dogs scratch the floor will also lead you to know how to handle the situation and eventually to stop the said behavior.

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