When Do Puppies Stop Growing: A Complete Guide For Dog Owners

When do puppies stop growing? This question has baffled many pet owners for ages already. For those who just had recently adopted a pet dog, it is a curious question that needs clarification. Fortunately, if you are seeking the answer, you are in the right part of the internet. In this article, we will elucidate this query and other related matters. Read on!


Ending A Misconception

When Do Puppies Stop Growing?

It is a general notion that dogs stop growing once they reach the age of one year. Although there are some fragments of truth in this statement, it is not really applicable to all dogs out there. But why this generalization is perpetuating?

Well, the answer could be pretty intriguing. In fact, this misconception was due to the manufacturers of kibble. We all know that these manufacturers recommend to stop feeding the dog will kibble once it reaches one year old. Therefore, many pet owners assumed that such period is the final growing stage of the dog. However, that's not really the case.

If such statement is true, then we can say that a dog's first year is a magic spell that suddenly halts the latter's growing. Of course, such thing does not happen in real life.

Growing Rates Vary From Size and Breed

There are a lot of dog breeds out there. Each of them exhibits different size, nuances, and behavior. When you compare all of these breeds together, you will realize that their growth rate really differs from another. Let us give an example for that.

Dog Growing Rates Vary From Size and Breed

A Great Dane and a Chihuahua will never have the same growing rate. Specifically, a Chihuahua has a naturally small build. Therefore, even if it reach its first year, its size would almost be the same as it was a puppy. Obviously, it won't grow as big as a Great Dane even on its adulthood. Therefore, it is safe to say that a Chihuahua will reach its peak size faster than a Great Dane. Meanwhile, the latter has a notable long period of maturity.

When Do Puppies Stop Growing?

Before we proceed, we have to clarify that there are external factors that affect the growth of a dog. One of these is the nutrition they received when they are still puppies. Of course, the healthier the intakes of the puppy, the faster it will grow. Another factor that plays a significant role in a puppy's growth is its living environment. A healthy surrounding is conducive for a dog's healthy growth.

But even without these factors, it is still undeniable that the growth of puppies varies from the breed. In fact, even dogs that belong to the same breed may grow in different rate! That's a realization that you should take into mind. Fortunately, there are general "scales" that categorize the growth rate of dogs. Here are they:

Small Dog Breeds

When Do Puppies Stop Growing? Small Dog Breeds

Many small dog breeds will attain their full body size at the age of one year. A good example of these breeds is the Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahuas. Many observed that these dogs reach their full body frame when they age one year old.

However, notable small dogs like Shih Tzu and Chinese Pug will exceed that period. This is due to their body weight. Specifically, they won't stop growing until their size and weight achieve an optimal balance.

Medium Dog Breeds

When Do Puppies Stop Growing? Medium Dog Breeds

Many veterinarians suggest that medium-sized dogs will have their adult frame on their 12th to 15th month. But of course, this does not hold true to stockier breeds, as they will have to wait until 18 months before their size and weight will reach their peak.

Take the Clumber Spaniel and Whippet as an example. Both of these dogs fall under the medium-size category. However, their bodies are considerably different. A Whippet is quite smaller compared to a Spaniel. Therefore, the former grows faster than the latter.

Large Dog Breeds

When Do Puppies Stop Growing? Large Dog Breeds

Of course, it is evident that large dog breeds have the longest growing period. Typically, their body frame will continue growing until they reach the age of 18 months to 25 months. However, some breeds will take at least 24 months to 36 months before they will get their adult body frame.

An Irish Wolfhound is a large dog. But we know that it has a lean body. If you compare it to a Mastiff (a similar large dog breed), the frame of Wolfhound does not come close. Specifically, Mastiffs have muscular and dense bodies. Therefore, the latter has a long time of maturity compared to an Irish Wolfhound.

What Expectations Do You Have For Your Puppy?

As we have stated, dogs have different growth stages. Some are quick while some take time before they can reach their adult size. Therefore, it is quite hard to give a specific answer to the query "when do puppies stop growing".

When Do Puppies Stop Growing?

The best thing you can do is to know the breed of your dog and identify which category it belongs (e.g. small, medium, or large). Once you can do this, you will estimate the time in which your pup becomes a fully-grown dog!

Until then, you have to make sure that your beloved pet receives proper nutrition and diet. And also, don't forget to train it to your house rules. Trust us! It is a worthwhile activity that a dog can undertake while it is growing.

Did you learn from this article? Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions? Ask us in the comment section below!


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