The Best Low Maintenance Dogs To Fit Your Lifestyle

January 29, 2017

If I had it my way, every single soul in this world have a dog companion. Having a dog just does something to one’s spirit in a positive way. Your dog would never leave you, do anything for you, and things you’re the coolest thing on God’s green earth.

But taking care of a dog has some drawbacks. All the love in the world would not be enough for your neighbors who keep on ragging you for the little blessings your dear old pooch leaves in their front yard.

  • How about time issues?
  • What if you just cannot commit to exercising your energetic bundle of joy and he ends up ripping everything in your house to shreds?
  • And what about those that suffer from asthma attacks and other respiratory issues?

When it comes to dogs you have to prepare for the mess, the smell, the time, and more importantly the cash you would need to spend.

So before you decide to get a dog, allow me to help you in your quest by listing down some low maintenance dog breeds. It’s always a smart bet to do some research first.


What Are The Main Characteristics Of A Low Maintenance Dog?

The Main Characteristics Of A Low Maintenance Dog

1. What type of grooming requirements does the breed need?

Grooming demands, a lot of time and money. A dog with a high grooming requirement means more trips to the dog groomer and more loose fur to clean up. So if you do not want any of the hassles choose a dog who does not need an intensive beauty regimen.

2. What are the exercise requirements of the breed?

When it comes to dogs it a simple rule of that; the more a highly energetic breed is deprived of its exercise needs, the more destructive it will be. So don’t go complaining when your new flip flops are turned into mangled rubber.

The Main Characteristics Of A Low Maintenance Dog

3. What easy is it to train the breed?

We all know that a trained dog is good for the well-being and discipline of your canine. He would get a lot of bonding time with you and respect you more. But another good effect of this is a well-trained dog will find it easier to learn where he or she can go no. 1 or no. 2. You don’t want to accidentally step on one of those bad boys when you are already running late for work right?

4. Does the dog shed a lot?

This is particularly a very important question to those with respiratory issues or who has children in their house. It is just a fact of life that some dogs shed like mad while others shed very little.

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

1. Boston Terrier

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds: Boston Terrier
  • Grooming: Since the Boston terrier has a relatively short hair, grooming it is fairly easy.
  • Exercise requirements: Boston Terriers do not require plenty of exercises. Just a good 20 minutes a few time a week outdoors would do it well. Boston Terriers are worth a look at if you are living in a medium sized apartment.
  • Trainability: Training the Boston Terrier won’t come easy but is not also too hard. A little patience and time are all it takes.
  • Shedding: The Boston Terrier has a minimal shedding rate. Perfect for houses that have lots of carpets and with members who suffer from asthma attacks but still want to have a dog.


  • The Boston Terrier is a dog you should look into if you have a small to medium sized apartment.
  • They are also a good companion for children.
  • They do not require walks and do not take too kindly to really cold and hot temperatures.
  • This dog, however, will bark and alert you if it feels like there is something threatening outside so you might have some noise complaints.

2. Doberman Pinscher

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds: Doberman Pinscher
  • Grooming: Doberman Pinscher requires very little grooming.
  • Exercise requirements: This breed would require a fair amount of exercise. Just a short trip to the dog park daily would suffice.
  • Trainability: Training a Doberman Pinscher would really be enjoyable for both owner and canine. They are highly intelligent and love to please their masters.
  • Shedding: The Doberman sheds quite regularly. Make sure you have a good vacuum ready.


  • The Doberman Pinscher is one of the fiercest and loyal breeds around. If you are living alone and do not have many guests hovering in your house the Doberman might just be your new best friend.
  • Make sure to integrate the Doberman early to other people and dogs if you plan to have people over regularly.
  • It is also a great dog to have in mid-sized and large apartments as it is happy being near and protecting its master.

3. Papillion

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds: Papillion
  • Grooming: The Papillion has long silky hair that needs a good amount of attention. Trips to the groomer on a regular basis would be required to keep its fur in good condition.
  • Exercise requirements: Papillions do not need much exercise to stay in shape.
  • Trainability: Training the Papillion is fairly easy. They are really attentive to their masters which make it easy for them to recognize and follow commands.
  • Shedding: This breed does not shed much so cleaning up won't be an issue.


  • The Papillion is a great dog to consider when getting a pet for the first time.
  • Easy trainability makes them easy to clean up after not to mention the minimal shedding the breed does.
  • This dog breed can thrive in small apartments, just make sure to give it a lot of attention and activities to keep her sharp.
  • They are also good with other people and kids if you have some that visit your place. If you have a small space and are always out, then consider the Papillion in your dog search.

4. Great Dane

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds: Great Dane
  • Grooming: Very minimal. A trip to the groomer might be a once in a year thing or you can just do it yourself.
  • Exercise requirements: The Great Dane requires a moderate amount of exercise to keep it in good shape. A large yard which is enough for the dog to walk around is a plus.
  • Trainability: This dog would require a bit of work to train. Nothing that patience and time cannot fix.
  • Shedding: This dog sheds quite a lot. Get that vacuum ready as you might need it from time to time.


  • Don’t let that large frame fool you. The Great Dane is fairly easy to maintain and a really friendly breed.
  • The Great Dane could be the dog for you if you have a large yard but want a breed that is pretty manageable.
  • They also make great watchdog because of their intimidating size as well as their incessant need to alert their owners of intruders.

5. Dachshund

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds: Dachshund
  • Grooming: A fair amount of grooming is required for the Dachshund to keep its fur in great condition. So prepare yourself for an equally fair amount of visits to the groomer.
  • Exercise requirements: You don’t need much physical activity to keep this dog in shape. So if you do not like walks yourself the Dachshund might just be your new best friend.
  • Trainability: Training won’t come as easy as to that of the Doberman Pinscher as the Dachshund is a bit on the hard headed side. Expect to give more time and effort when training this breed.
  • Shedding: This dog almost doesn’t shed at all so cleaning up fur won't be that big of a deal.


  • The Dachshund is another great breed you should consider when buying a dog for the very first time.
  • It is not as protective as other dogs on the list but does not take too kind to unfamiliar people.
  • The breed does not shed much and requires very little when it comes to grooming.
  • The Dachshund might be best suited for people who hates cleaning up fur and just does not have the time for trips to the groomers.

6. Pomeranian

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds: Pomeranian
  • Grooming: Pomeranian breed requires a god share of grooming to keep that fur in good condition. Plus, the Pomeranian just looks so darn adorable when you give it a cut.
  • Exercise requirements: This dog does not need much physical activity when it comes to exercise requirements. All it needs is ample space where it can strut around.
  • Trainability: The Pomeranian loves pleasing its master. Training this dog breed would be fairly easy.
  • Shedding: This dog sheds quite often. Some vacuuming would be necessary.


  • The Pomeranian is a great dog to have when you are living in a really small space. If you are almost always out, consider the Pomeranian as it does not require much maintenance and make great watchdogs too!
  • Make sure you take him to the groomers from time to time and prepare yourself for some fur in your rugs.

So there you have it, the best low maintenance dogs to fit your lifestyle. Perfect for those looking for dogs but are a bit unsure which breed is the right fit.

If you are planning to buy a dog, please share with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear what you have to say!


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