Knowing The Best Ways To Teach Your Dog How To Smile

There is no doubt that dogs are man’s best friend. They will be with you when you’re alone, they will make you smile when you’re feeling down, and they will help you out during times of need. Dogs would even risk their lives just to save yours. That’s how adorable and useful these pets are. What makes them even more lovable is when they smile at us.

We just can't help ourselves but fall in love with the sweet smiles that our dogs give us every time they feel happy and relaxed. It's because we feel the connection that we have with them. We feel lighter and more in tune with the harmony between yourself and your dog.

It is because of this that seeing your dog smile is one of the most precious moments that you share with your dog. However, unknown to most people, you can teach your dog how to smile. If you want to know more about how to teach a dog to smile, we suggest you continue reading.

How To Teach A Dog To Smile


What You’ll Need

In teaching your dog how to smile, it is important for you to prepare and remember a few tips to ensure that everything will work out smoothly for you and your dog.

1. Encourage Your Dog

How To Teach A Dog To Smile: Encourage Your Dog

The very first thing that you need to do to teach your dog how to smile is to encourage them to do it. Simply rubbing their back or their belly is one way of encouraging your dog to smile. This is because it makes them feel happy because your dog feels your presence. Another thing why this is a form of encouragement is because you help them feel relaxed and comfortable.

It is important to know that when a dog smiles, it's not the same with how us humans feel when we smile. When they smile, they might feel comfortable, happy, or simply relaxed. Simply put it this way, it's their natural and default facial expression. By simply encouraging them to smile, you are increasing the chances of them repeating the gesture over and over again.

2. Reward System

How To Teach A Dog To Smile: Reward System

You need to have your own reward system whenever you want to teach your dog how to smile. This is because this is the most if not the only way that you can teach them. Dogs are hard-wired to react to treats, such as giving them dog food or treating them with a relaxing belly rub every time they smile. This way, you are teaching them that whenever they smile, good things happen to them. Because of this, they would most likely smile often, especially when you’re around.

3. Identify the Smile

How To Teach A Dog To Smile: Identify the Smile

Identifying the smile is an essential part of teaching your dog this facial gesture. By simply identifying their smile with a tap on their back or by giving a piece of dog food biscuit, you are telling them that it is what you want them to do. Your dog would then soon realize the effects or outcome of their gesture, which is why they would know that smiling is the way to go for them.

4. Zero Distractions

How To Teach A Dog To Smile: Zero Distractions

Another thing to consider is to always see to it that there are no distractions during the entirety of the teaching process. Spend at least 30 minutes each day to teach your dog how to smile. During this time, there should be no other person or things that should come along your way.

The two of you should be connected with each other in a visual sense. The dog should look at you, and you should look at the dog. It's all about maintaining focus and eliminating distractions that help you succeed in teaching your dog how to smile.

Knowing the Process

Once you have considered doing all of the aforementioned, you can now proceed in doing the teaching process yourself. Follow carefully the presented steps below, and you’ll surely make your dog smiling in no time.


Lift Your Dog’s Lips

How To Teach A Dog To Smile Process: Lift Your Dog’s Lips

The first thing that you need to do when teaching your dog how to smile is to gently lift the sides of your dog’s lips. However, see to it that you do this to them when they are happy, or are relaxing. Don’t try to do this when they’re hungry or if they have been isolated without company for quite some time. Your dog’s mood is important.

You can have a treat in your other hand while you’re holding your dog’s lips from its sides. This way, your dog will know that they’ll have a treat when they open their mouths wide open.


Command Your Dog To Smile

How To Teach A Dog To Smile Process: Command Your Dog To Smile

You then need to utter the word, "smile", in a high tone. However, see to it that the tone is happy because if not, this will scare your dog to not smiling instead. You can make this a habit. Every time you say "smile", hand a treat to your dog. This way, every time they hear the word "smile" coming from you, they immediately know what to do.

Remember that dogs have a very good sense of hearing, which is why they can recognize and distinguish your voice from someone else. If some other people were to tell them to smile, they won't. It's because they're trained to respond to your voice's commands.


Play With Your Dog

How To Teach A Dog To Smile Process: Play With Your Dog

Once you’re through commanding them to smile, it would then be good if you would go to the next stage and interact with your dog on a deeper level. It would be best if you play with your dog. A simple fetch game will do just fine. What this does is that it helps lighten up the mood of your dog. Whenever your dog is happy, it is very likely that they will open their mouths and smile.

In line with this, once you’re through playing a single game session with your dog, give him a treat. When you do, there’s no doubt that your dog will smile with pleasure. It’s all about the rewards system that makes your dog want to play more, have a better mood, and smile a lot.


Pet Your Dog In A Caring Way

How To Teach A Dog To Smile Process: Pet Your Dog In A Caring Way

In order for you to easily teach your dog how to smile, you should pet them every once in a while. This way, your dog feels the comfort and relaxation that they need to have in order to maintain a happy and healthy mental state. Remember that when dogs smile, it doesn’t mean that they’re just happy, just like what we humans do. It might also mean that they are relaxed or are sleepy.

With this, it makes perfect sense for you to pet them, such as by scratching their back or their belly. You might also want to play with their ears. It’s all about know the pleasure points of your dog that helps you make your smile teaching sessions easier and run smoother.

You might also want to check out this video if you want to learn more about teaching your dog how to smile:


With all of these being said, we hope that you will be able to easily teach your dog how to smile next time you play with them. Teaching your dog how to smile is a vital necessity if you want to improve and maintain a healthy connection between yourself and your dog. Letting them smile is not just telling them to do something.

It’s also about ensuring that they are happy, comfortable, and relaxed. Dog smile when they feel this way, which is why it makes perfect sense for you, as a responsible dog owner, to let them be happy and feel comfortable. It is surely very rewarding to see your dog smile every time you look at them.

Teach your dog how to smile

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