Here’s How To Make Your Dog Howl

Last night while I was crashing on the sofa reading a book, I noticed my dog, which was just lying down got that look that he was anticipating something. After a few more seconds my teakettle that I was boiling began whistling and I instantly knew what was coming next.

My eight-year-old Siberian Husky cocks her head back, arches her back, and starts howling with all her majestic glory. I always found it amusing that she knows that the teakettle was going to whistle a few seconds before it actually does. Her habit of howling at noises has always been present ever since she was a young pup. I for one know that constantly calling her name in a siren-like voice triggers a piercing howl. This has brought me joy at least once a day when we do this. But it got me wondering if there are other ways on how to make your dog howl.

So for today let us have a little bit of fun. I scoured the Internet to find the different ways to make your dog howl. Read on!


Dog Howling In History

The howling of dogs has inspired countless myths and stories. In Hollywood films, a dog howling at the moon signifies the scene change from okay to a lot of murder is about to happen. But dog’s howling has been used in human superstitions way before that.

Dog Howling In History

Nearly all countries have their own version on what a dog’s howl could mean. So I searched the Internet to look at the different ways a canine howl has been interpreted. So here they are, the reasons that dogs howl are:

  1. It sees a ghost somewhere near, probably just behind you.
  2. Signifies the impending death of someone.
  3. In Norse mythology, Freya the goddess of love is pulled by two large felines via chariot. Dog’s howling signifies that the goddess is near. Creative isn’t it?
  4. In ancient Egypt, howls are like sirens that draw souls to Anubis.
  5. Something terrible is about to happen.
  6. A howling dog signifies bad weather.
  7. In ancient Greece, a howling dog is an indication that the Greek goddess Hecate is within the vicinity.
  8. In old Irish stories, dogs howl because they spot some ghost hounds readying for a hunt

So basically, its death, death, Jackal headed gods and more death. Why can’t howling signify delicious jellybeans coming our way?

Now let us look at the more scientific reasons why dogs howl.

Why Do Dogs Howl?

Why Do Dogs Howl?

1. Genetics

Since dogs are distant relatives of the wolf, both of them share specific traits and lucky for us (unless you constantly get peppered with noise complaints) howling is one of them. In the wild, howling is a normal behavior of wolves, which helps other pack members who are out scouting or hunting for prey find their way back home.

Our lovable pets have retained this ability, Sometimes dogs have been observed to howl when their owners are away. This suggests that dogs must be trying to send their masters an auditory alert to get back home.

2. Your dog just want’s some playtime

Sometimes a dog howling may just be to grab your attention. Your dog might have realized that his howling causes you to appear in an instant. So by doing this he might just wants some face time with his favorite person in the world.

3. Your dog might be sick

Some dogs whimper and howl when they sustain an injury. It is their way to express pain and seek help. So if you notice your dog make sounds and does not look or feel right you should take him to a vet immediately.

4. Defense mechanism

Wolves also used howling as a way for them to protect their territories, something, which our pet dogs too also acquired. Wolves tend to use howling to fend other predators within the vicinity or even fellow wolves that aren’t part of the pack. They also use it as a warning beacon to warn the others of their presence.

So if you hear your dog howling incessantly in your backyard, he might just be trying to protect that cardboard box your 40-inch TV came with.

5. They want you to see something

Nope its probably not a ghost, but it’s always a good idea to look behind your shoulder. Some dogs use howling to alert their owner of objects of interest. This is more common with the hunting breeds that were trained specifically by their masters to tract down animals that have been shot. So if your dog suddenly starts howling at you when he sees a dead bird on the ground. He might just think its lunchtime for both of you.

6. Bonding

Some studies say that howling is like some sort bonding exercise for your pooches. So when your dog howls, maybe he just wants you to join his newly formed four-legged boy band.

7. Anxiety issues

Remember when the first night that you got your puppy and he starts whimpering and howling a bit? Well that is because he is reacting to the stress caused by uncertainty in his new environment. He may be missing his pup siblings and mom. I think I am going to need a tissue.

8. Mating song

Some animal behaviorists suggest that female dogs tend to howl and make noise when she is in heat. This signals the male that they are available. This is especially true to female dogs in heat that are isolated from any male.

Now that we know why dogs howl. Let us learn some common trigger so you can teach your dog how to howl. There are a dozen reasons why teaching your dog to howl is a positive thing.

  • First it inspires discipline, which will make your pooch quite sharp.
  • Secondly howling with your dog is a good bonding activity between the two of you.
  • Third making your dog sing like a diva just plain cute.

How To Make Your Dog Howl

Always remember if you want to train your dog to howl on command, just find the right trigger and praise and instantly give him treats right away. Just give him a firm no if he does something else and immediately praise him if he gets it right. Be patient and your dog will eventually get it after some tries.

How to train your dog to howl on command


First try the most common one: Try howling yourself and look how he reacts. If he looks like he is about to join your howl fest just keep doing it. If your dog just looks at you with that, "What the hell are you doing?" face, then maybe its time to move on to the next possible trigger.


First look around and make sure that you are alone. Then try to sing a tune using a very high pitched voice.


If your dog howls every time a police siren blares, download a video of a police car with sirens blaring or download an app that can play a police siren sound.


They say the sound of the harmonica just drives dogs wild and make them howl. So dust off that harmonica from your college heavy metal day and give it a whirl.


Try some of these videos from There are a lot of videos that claim how it is effective in making our canine pals howl. A good video to try is the one with a pack of dogs howling. But the truth is, dog’s have different triggers so you might have to undergo some trial and error to see which works for your own pooch.


Play the piano, some dogs get startled by the sound of the piano and start to howl.


The sound of fire alarm has been known to make dogs start howling. There are lots of apps that mimic the sound of a fire alarm. Do not under any circumstances start a fire just to see if it makes your dog howl.


Make weird faces at your dog, sometimes a dog reacts by howling when he does not recognize your facial expression. Again look around to make sure nobody sees you before doing this.


Get some of your friends and start singing some high-pitched songs at the same time with a high pitch. Since howling is also a pack activity, the dog might just be inspired enough to join in. If that does not work, hey atleast you and your pals have a great story to tell for years to come.

So there you go, just some of the ideas I found on how to get your dog to howl. Make sure to take some breaks during your training sessions and always be patient with your friend. Treat him well and he might just sing a ballad for you.

If you have any stories and comments regarding on how to make your dog howl feel free to write them down on the comments below.


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