What Are The Fluffiest Dogs In The World? Here Are 10!

September 11, 2016

You see a small fluffy round white puff and decide to figure out what this small and super cute object might be…

It’s breathing…

You think to yourself, this can’t be alive, right? How can this cute object be alive?

You begin to be confused and decided to touch it … and ta da!

You have just touched a super cute white Pomeranian puppy!

Now don’t get me wrong, we all love fluffy dogs! They just have something that we find irresistible! Imagine them running on your floor, tongue out, with a fluffiness that makes them look like Disney dog characters that are too cute to be true. We think, there they are! Alive and ready to return our affection!

If you’re an avid fan of these super huggable and cute fluffy dogs, check out this list to add more fluffiness to your day!


1. Pomeranian


A Pomeranian is a descendant of a large sled dog breed. The foxy-faced dog is known as "the little dog who thinks he can". It is active, agile, compact, obedient and can be a family friend too!

The Following Are This Cute Dog’s Characteristics:

  • Pomeranians are often suspicious of strangers so they frequently bark a lot.
  • They are mostly preyed upon by wild animals because of their tiny size. So watch your Pom!
  • They are territorial, like other dogs, and there is a big possibility that they could be chased by bigger dogs in their territory. This is dangerous, as they are very cute and could be beaten!
  • They are friendly with children, but supervision is needed when they are with infants.
  • Poms are prone to heatstroke, so watch your Pom closely for signs of heatstroke and keep them cool.
  • Pomeranians are very active and can be difficult to housetrain. So be patient!
  • They can go bald! There is a tendency for bald spots to appear when Poms gets old.

2. Chow Chow


These cuties can be unfriendly with strangers, but they are very adorable with familiar faces! The thick fur around their neck makes them look like lions... cute teddy bear lions.

They came from China where they are called Songshi Quan which means "puffy-lion dog". A very accurate description, right?

What You Need To Know…

  • They can be very loyal to one person in the family, but can also get suspicious.
  • They are aloof and independent. They like to do things, so let them have their own way… sometimes.
  • They need to be brushed at least thrice a week to keep their coats pretty.
  • Give them daily exercise.
  • Chow Chows have limited peripheral vision, so approach them directly from the front.
  • They can get aggressive. This is why they need to be introduced to other people and dogs. Keep them socializing.

3. Bichon Frise


The Bichon Frise is a very cheerful and loveable towards his family and owner. This dog has a double coat that is white, soft, curly, and fluffy…making it even cuter!

Here’s What You Need To Know…

  • Because they are very active, they can be hard to train, so be patient!
  • Don’t leave them alone. They will get sad.
  • They can’t be handled by small children as they are very small. They might get hurt!
  • They are intelligent and cunning, but if trained, they can be the best companions ever.
  • They need professional grooming.
  • They are prone to skin allergies.
  • Because they are very cute, there is a tendency to overprotect them. Don’t. They might get spoiled and shy. Socialize them instead.

4. Keeshond


This breed has a vocal and happy nature. They could be just the good buddies that you want because of their happy nature and fluffy fur!

They originated from Germany and some say that Pomeranians and Spitz are their closest cousins. Their fur is generally silver and black.

Here’s What You Need To Know…

  • Like most dogs, they are alert and will bark when strangers are there, which can sometimes be a problem.
  • They need to be a companion and be part of a family, as they like to be everywhere you are!
  • They don’t have bad body odor, so frequent bathing is not that necessary.

5. Pekingese


These dogs are friendly but fearless cuties with a velvety coat and upright tail that curls over the back.

Here’s What You Need To Know…

  • They snore quite loudly because of their cute noses.
  • Their bulging round eyes can be damaged or pop out during excessive exercise, activity or play, but this rarely occurs.
  • They should be kept clean and dry because their wrinkled face will make them prone to skin diseases.
  • They can get obese.
  • They fight when they think they are right!
  • They tend to bark a lot.
  • They are one-person dog even though they are very cute and friendly.
  • They can overheat because of their fur.

6. Newfoundland


Also known as Newfies, they originated in Newfoundland, Canada. Even if they can appear large and intimidating, they are very loyal and loveable. They are also a great candidate to be guard dogs.

7. Lhasa Apaso


These dogs are good companions because of their sweet and friendly nature. They are sometimes associated with lions because of their wide, flattened faces.

Here’s What You Need To Know…

  • They are very independent.
  • They can be the leader if you allow them to be.
  • They are very protective and no training can change that. However, you can reduce their aggressiveness by introducing them to different kinds of people and dogs.
  • The Lhasa matures slowly.
  • They need a lot of grooming.
  • Their dental care is importance, so a frequent examination of their gums and teeth is advised.

8. Spitz


Spitz can be your cuter and friendlier version of a fox. They look like a Pom but are bigger. These dogs share genes with the fox, so expect them to be tough!

Here’s What You Need To Know…

  • They are very energetic and need a lot of daily exercise.
  • They love to bark without a serious reason, which can sometimes be a problem. But the good news is, you can train them to shut up.
  • They are hunting dogs that can prey small animals, so keep them fenced in.
  • They mature slowly and can still act like cute puppies even when they reach 3-4 years old.
  • They are hunting dogs, so they think smart.
  • They are very friendly with their dogs who are friends but can get aggressive with dogs that are strangers.
  • They are aloof and suspicious of strangers, so they are a perfect guard dog!
  • They are smart and can manipulative you to give them more treats. This is an opportunity for you to train them!

9. Samoyed


They are a friendly, affectionate and happy natured dog breed. They look cute too!

They are very loveable and perfect for cuddling and hugging - just the sweet dog that you need!

Here’s What You Need To Know…

  • The Samoyed's white, fluffy coat is beautiful and so you will need to make an extra effort to groom its pretty hair.
  • They commonly shed their hair, about twice a year.
  • They are active dogs so make sure you provide them with daily exercise and play with them! They will be more than happy to do so.
  • They are very friendly and fond of children, as you can see from their smile.

10. Tibetan Mastiff


This giant breed is very affectionate with its family and owner. It looks like a bear or lion… but cuter and sweeter. So it can be a great cuddly buddy!

Here’s What You Need To Know…

  • These puppies can grow up to 75 to 160 pounds, which means they won’t fit in a small apartment.
  • They need exercise every morning and evening when they are at their most active, so provide it to them.
  • They are calm indoors.
  • This dog needs to have a companion so don’t leave them outside for too long.
  • Walk them with a leash because they can sometimes be very overprotective.
  • They are smart and sensitive to human moods, and so can be a great buddy!
  • Don’t leave them outdoors at night as they can’t stand it and will bark all night long.
  • They require weekly brushing.
  • They need to socialize with other dogs and people.
  • They need to have proper training where you can drain their energy.
  • They are not recommended for babies.

Here’s the list of the fluffiest dog breeds you can find in the whole wide world! I hope you enjoyed reading about these extra cute dogs. Give us a comment and don’t forget to share the list with your friends and family to give them some extra cuteness today!


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