6 Of The Best Dog Breeds Closest To Wolf

April 20, 2017

Dogs are considered not just a man’s best friend, however, scientists have long known that they are also the very first friend of man. Dogs were the very first domesticated animal.

And there is a fact as well that all dogs have descended from wolves and some other wild canids. With that, you could observe that some of these canines are considered as best dog breeds closest to wolf.


Wolves and dogs share numbers of physical traits due to their close genetic similarity. However, wolves are stronger having higher levels of stamina and energy. The instinct and temperament of wolves differ quite dramatically too.

6 Of The Best Dog Breeds Closest To Wolf

Wolves are also known to be erratic, difficult to train, stubborn, and also a danger to children and also other small animals. And these qualities have made wolves as a poor choice to be kept as a guard or even a household pet.

On the other hand, wolves are also considered to be powerful and beautiful creatures. It would not be surprising if many people would fantasize about having a wolf as a pet. Once you long to run with wolves, it would be advised that you get a dog which looks like a wolf instead. Yes, there are dog breeds that are closely related to wolves.

Here is a quick look at the characteristics of the best dog breeds that are related to wolves:

Dog Breeds




Siberian Husky

51-60 cm

16-27 kg

Devoted, gentle, friendly

Alaskan Malamute

58-64 cm

34-39 kg

Playful, gentle, friendly


60-76 cm

25-40 kg

Intelligent, alert, suspicious

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

55-70 cm

20-36 kg

Energetic, alert, tolerant


60-84 cm

25-40 kg

Intelligent, sociable, tolerant


46-60 cm

22-30 kg

Devoted, gentle, friendly

Best Dog Breeds Closest To Wolf

Now, let us take a look to six of the best dog breeds indeed closely related to wolves. You might want to have a wolf but choosing dogs instead could be considered.

Siberian Husky

Best Dog Breeds Closest To Wolf - Siberian Husky

Indeed, Siberian Huskies are popularly known due to their distinctive thickly furred and double coat, distinctive color markings and erect triangle-shaped ears. They are considered to be medium-sized dogs that weigh up to 27-78 kg. They also have facial markings which are very the same with wolves. The color would come in different shades.

In addition, Huskies are also very intelligent, loyal and also a sturdy-working breed. These dogs are bred originally by the Chukchi Tribe in Siberia as for hauling heavy loads.

Apart from that, Siberian Huskies are indeed very active and energetic sharing numbers of same temperamental and behavioral characteristics of their wolf ancestors. Like for example, they would howl than bark.

They could be considered to be a good breed for children and could be good family dog still Huskies might have their special exercise needs. They have a lot of energy and this could lead to being destructive once they couldn’t get enough of the needed exercise.

Alaskan Malamute

Best Dog Breeds Closest To Wolf - Alaskan Malamute

They were bred originally as for hauling heavy freight within long distances making them as powerful and big dogs. They are very friendly despite the strength they have.

It lacks barking and its friendliness makes them to be a popular choice as a pet by many owners. Malamutes are very loyal and intelligent dogs too however since they were bred to survive in harsh situations, they are also known to be incredibly independent and resourceful.

Alaskan Malamutes might not be suitable for families that are having other pets like small ones because they have a fairly developed drive for a prey. In terms of physical aspects, they have two-inch long and thick double coat and facial markings the same as wolves.

They also come in different colors such as shades of white and gray, black and red and sable and white.


Best Dog Breeds Closest To Wolf - Kugsha

They are also referred as Amerindian Malamutes which are native to US and are considered to be wolf hybrids. Kugsha dogs are very strong and they are longer and larger compared with Siberian Huskies.

They are also born as travelers. They also have a strong body and long legs making them perfect to carry heavy loads even in a long distance.

Kugsha dogs are also very independent having lots of spirits since they are only domesticated recently. They are very loyal and they could develop strong relationships with the owners.

However, they are not considered as good dogs for families having small children because of their predatory nature. In addition, they also need a lot of exercises and they might be destructive once they couldn’t get enough of these physical activities.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Best Dog Breeds Closest To Wolf - Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

This is a relatively new breed which is a hybrid between Carpathian wolves and German Shepherds. The goal is to create a breed having the stamina and strength of a wolf and having the intelligence and temperament of a German Shepherd.

Their hair and build definitely resemble the wolves. They are distinguished due to their amber eyes and also the erect triangle-shaped ears. They also have thick fur that ranges in color from silver to silver or grey.

In addition, Czechoslovakian wolfdogs are considered to be very social and could develop strong bonds with the families. They are also good with other pets but there is a need to watch them over once encountering strange animals. And it is also very important that you consider socializing the dog.


Best Dog Breeds Closest To Wolf - Tamaskan

Another dog breed closest to wolf is the Tamaskan. These dogs are very new breed being recognized only in 2013 by the American Kennel Club. They were bred for the purpose of looking like wolves having a thick coat which comes in wolf-grey, red-grey and black-grey.

Knowing the fact that they are just new, they are rare having only 600 of certified Tamaskans all over the world. But, they are also growing in popularity.

Along with that, Tamaskans are good family dogs and they are particularly great with children. They are also very smart, highly sociable and easily trainable as well. They must not be left alone for a long period of time.

Tamaskans would also need a bit of exercise and could be destructive once they don’t get the needed enough physical stimulation.


Best Dog Breeds Closest To Wolf - Samoyed

They are Russian breed of dogs and they get their name from the Samoyedic people of Siberia. Samoyeds are well-built, strong and also broad-headed. They are also very lively and could be good companions.

Sammy smile is one of their distinguishing characteristics that is very noticeable since there is a contrast between its black lips and white coat.

In addition, Samoyeds are also devoted, pleasant and very friendly and lovely to everyone. The colors of these dogs are white and shades of white along with thick and long fur. These dogs are also bred to hunt and they would love tracking, hiking and keep the owners warm through sleeping on top of them at night.

Apart from that, Samoyeds are also great family dogs and are very playful making them great for children too. However, they could have a number of congenital health problems such as diabetes, hip dysplasia, and kidney disease.

Those are some of the best dog breeds that are closely related to wolves. If you admire wolves and you fantasize having them as pets at home why not consider choosing from these options. The best dog breed closest to wolf could also be the best pet you could have at home. You just need to choose the right one based on your preferences and also on your ability to handle the said dog.

Also, watch this for some of the best dogs that definitely look like wolves:

Let other dog lovers or wolf lovers should I say, learn about these great options. Post your comments below, add any suggestions you think could help make this article a lot more helpful and interesting. And don’t forget to share this article as well.


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