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When’s The Right Time For Pups To Leave Their Mom & Why?

September 10, 2016

Just like any younglings, puppies will do a lot of learning during the first few weeks of their lives. An adult dog has influence over the behaviors and traits of a puppy. For a pup, there is no better dog to learn good behavior from than its mother and littermates.

After all, all these traits, skills, and behaviors will remain with them for the rest of their natural lives. That’s why a pup needs a considerable amount of time before with its family of origin before it is left to live on its own. But when is the right time for pups to leave their mom?

How To Teach Your Puppy To Respond To Its Name

September 10, 2016

It is important that you teach your puppy to respond to its name. The puppy’s name should be a cue for it to stop what it is doing and go to you and acknowledge you. It should also signify that the puppy needs to give you its undivided attention and wait for further instructions.

Knowing how to respond to its name is also a safety net that will ensure the puppy will come to you if it gets lost or you need it. So how can you achieve this? How do you teach your puppy to know what to do when you call its name?
Now, training your puppy to know what to do when you call its name may seem like a chore at first, considering that puppies tend to do whatever they feel like. But it’s actually a very simple and fun exercise to do. It just requires your patience, some treats and 30 minutes to an hour of your time each day in order to teach your puppy how to respond to its name.

I will give you six simple steps that you can do to get your puppy to respond, even if it has been used to responding to something else before.