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Knowing The Best Ways To Teach Your Dog How To Smile

There is no doubt that dogs are man’s best friend. They will be with you when you’re alone, they will make you smile when you’re feeling down, and they will help you out during times of need. Dogs would even risk their lives just to save yours. That’s how adorable and useful these pets are. What makes them even more lovable is when they smile at us.

It is because of this that seeing your dog smile is one of the most precious moments that you share with your dog. However, unknown to most people, you can teach your dog how to smile. If you want to know more about how to teach a dog to smile, we suggest you continue reading.

Here’s How To Make Your Dog Howl

Last night while I was crashing on the sofa reading a book, I noticed my dog, which was just lying down got that look that he was anticipating something. After a few more seconds my teakettle that I was boiling began whistling and I instantly knew what was coming next.  My eight-year-old Siberian Husky cocks […]

How To Teach Your Dog To Speak: 6 Easy Steps To Learn

How to teach your dog to speak? Well, it is impossible if you think that your pet can learn the human language. But it is very doable when it is about letting your dog bark when there is a command. Fortunately, it is an easy trick that your furry friend can learn. Moreover, you might also need to teach your dog how to control its barking.

In this article, we will show you the basics of a dog’s speech. We recommend that you should learn these following tricks, especially if you want to make your well-behaved and obedient. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Why Do Dogs Scratch The Floor? Some Of The Top Reasons Why

Once the dog is scratching on the floor, you should be aware that there are reasons behind such an act. Dogs would scratch the floor due to certain reasons and once you figure out these reasons, there could be a greater chance that you could stop the said behavior at the same time you could save the flooring.

Stop wondering why do dogs scratch the floor through learning these reasons.

5 Of The Best Reasons Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other’s Mouth

Why do dogs lick each other’s mouth? For pet owners, this curious question needs to be answered. After all, they want to understand the behavior of their precious little paws.

Of course, any animal experts would tell that body language of dogs is the key to understanding the behavior of the latter. If you want to get close to your dog, you should be able to determine these unique gestures of theirs.

One of the most noticeable actions of dogs is licking the mouth of another dog. Apparently, this type of kinetic communication has a meaning. But it doesn’t mean that it could only imply to one end. In fact, when a dog licks the mouth of another dog, such could indicate various things.

The Lockdown: What Size Dog Crate Do I Need?

September 11, 2016

One of the best things you can get your dog is a dog crate. It pays for itself by giving your pooch his very own place in your home as well as a device that makes it easier to have a successful house training. One thing I always ask myself before getting a dog crate is, what is the best I can get for my dog?

So now I am going to share some tips on what size dog crate you will need.

10 Fun (and Easy!) Tricks to Teach Your Dog (You’ll Love Number 3)

September 11, 2016

Dogs – regardless of breed and size – are intelligent creatures capable of learning new tricks. And as a dog lover, I enjoy teaching my dogs different tricks to bond with my pets as well as to foster acceptable behavior and stimulate their minds.

Contrary to popular notion, even older dogs can learn a new trick or two. Sure, puppies and younger dogs pick up commands and tricks at a much faster rate compared to older dogs but as long as you are patient, any dog can learn.

So, what cool tricks to teach your canine friends? Here are my favorites.