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Rhodesian Ridgeback Lab Mix: What Is This Dog?

Through the years, dogs have remained to be man’s best friend. This is because we can easily connect with them and rely on them when worse comes to worse. Who would deny that dogs are indeed lovable? Aside from that, they are also fun to be with. This is the reason why people grew fond of dogs.

And over the countless years, people grow fonder of dogs. This resulted to the different breed mixes that we have now. One of these popular dog breed mixes is the Rhodesian Ridgeback Lab Mix. But what are these dogs? to find out.

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix: What Is This Dog?

What is a Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix? It is a question that baffles even some long-time pet owners. This is proof that the world of dog breeding is so vast that anything could be possible. But in this article, we will discuss more this unique German Shepherd breed. We suppose that you are as curious as for other dog lovers out there. So there’s no reason to wait. Just read on!

16 Of The Most Dangerous Dogs In The World

Determining the “most dangerous dogs in the world” is quite a tough task. Various researchers and animal experts have points of view when it comes to this matter. As a result, disagreement is always common. Moreover, it is somehow improper to label a dog or any animal as dangerous. After all, if you don’t mess with these beings, they won’t mess with you too.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that there are dogs that can give you deleterious injuries once they attack you. In this article, we will rate the “danger level” of the dog based on the amount of harm they can inflict you.

6 Of The Best Dog Breeds Closest To Wolf

April 20, 2017

Dogs are considered not just a man’s best friend, however, scientists have long known that they are also the very first friend of man. Dogs were the very first domesticated animal. And there is a fact as well that all dogs have descended from wolves and some other wild canids. With that, you could observe that some of these canines are considered as best dog breeds closest to wolf.

Check out some of the dog breeds closest to wolf and be surprised that many dogs still maintain their primitive temperaments and looks today.

The Top 10 Best Dogs For Men Like You

February 17, 2017

We just want to be straight here, WE ALL WANT DOGS. No matter whether you are a woman or a man, these pets are great to have. Women can’t resist their cuteness, whether they are barking on their leash to tell them they need a walk, begging for food, or getting so excited when the owner comes back home – they are just adorable. Dogs are just the best companion that most men want to have, as they are fun, intelligent and faithful!

Manly dogs don’t have to be “macho” or wild and aggressive. Instead, they are measured by their physical appearance, like their size. Other important factors include their endurance, agility, speed, strength, personality and intelligence. Whatever your preferences may be, here is a list of the top agreeable dog breeds for you!

What Are The Fluffiest Dogs In The World? Here Are 10!

September 11, 2016

Don’t get me wrong, we all love fluffy dogs! They just have something that we find irresistible! Imagine them running on your floor, tongue out, with a fluffiness that makes them look like Disney dog characters that are too cute to be true. We think, there they are! Alive and ready to return our affection!

If you’re an avid fan of these super huggable and cute fluffy dogs, check out this list to add more fluffiness to your day!