Important Safety Alert! Can You Use Human Toothpaste On Dogs?

January 7, 2017

Admit it, we all love getting slobbery kisses from our dogs. There is just something so precious when you dog finally see you again when you get home from work and just topples you over for that slobbery wet kiss barrage.

But the fun definitely stops when you realize your dog's breath has that unmistakable aroma of dog food and old socks. Well, that just means one thing, someone needs a good old fashion meeting with Mr. Toothbrush.

But when you don't have that specially formulated toothpaste on hand then you might be tempted to use some of your own stashes. But before you do any of that, you need to know first if using human toothpaste on dogs is safe. It is a good thing for you because the Internet is here to aid you in your quest for the truth.

So before popping a tube of that cherry flavored toothpaste on your canine's mouth, read this first.


Can I Use Human Toothpaste On My Dog?

This one is a bit tricky, as it is one of those answers that can be answered with both yes or no.

Can You Use Human Toothpaste On Dogs?

According to Dr. Jeff Nichol, human toothpaste technically is okay when it comes to brushing your dog's teeth can be extremely hazardous if they swallow it.

  • Most toothpaste brands contain suds agents that create that foam when we use it for brushing. This is just fine for human consumption, but a big no-no for dogs as it can lead to liver problems.
  • Another thing is that most human toothpaste contains a sweetener called xylitol. It is the same chemical found in sugar-free gums, nasal sprays, and lozenges.
    This ingredient can cause the insulin levels in dogs to spike up and drop quickly. It is considered fatal to dogs and could also lead to liver problems.

So the safest answer is no. It is not advisable to use any toothpaste made for human consumption on your dog.

No Toothpaste? No Problem!

If you really want to snuggle with your dog but just could not take his bad breath, then there is a mixture that you can do from Dog Notebook. Best of all, most of the ingredients are stuff that could be lying around your house.

Can I Use Human Toothpaste On My Dog?

All you need is the following:

  • One regular sized bowl or a container.
  • Chicken or beef bouillon (Just to add a bit of flavor for your pooch to enjoy).
  • Baking soda (For aiding in the removal of tartar buildup in between your dog's teeth).
  • Coconut oil (To bind all the ingredients above).
  • Cinnamon (To make your dog's breath smell good).

Mix all these ingredients in the regular sized bowl. Simple and easy!

  • Pro Tip: It will be a good idea to put the remaining dog teeth cleaning mixture in a jar with a lid. There is no need to refrigerate the mixture as it keeps well at room temperature. Just make sure to label it properly as you don't want anyone mistaking it for a refreshing drink.
Homemade toothpaste for dogs

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth, The Right Way!


This might be the hardest part of the entire ordeal, calling your dog and making him sit still.

A good suggestion of mine would be to call your dog and do not immediately commence brushing. Make your dog feel comfortable first and put him at ease for a good ten minutes or so until you feel that your dog is relaxed.


Prepare your dog toothbrush, put some of the mixtures in the bristle and start brushing your dog's teeth. At this point, your dog would probably try to eat some of that beefy goodness that you put in the mixture. Make sure you spread a good amount of the paste before he licks everything up.

Also, make an extra effort to reach the dog's back teeth as well as the gums. This won't be a walk in the park as your dog will start feeling uneasy at this part but since this is where the bulk of that bad breath is coming from then you will need to be extra vigilant when you reach this part.


After you are done with the brushing, make sure to wipe down your pooch's teeth with a clean cloth. Give him a clean bowl of water so that he can wash down the remnants of the homemade tooth cleaning mixture.

It will be a good idea to give you fur baby some well-needed praises for a job well done. Toss in a treat or two to make teeth brushing an easier choice next time.

So now that your dog does not have that fishy breath anymore, allow him to give you extra kisses when you guys are done cleaning.

Always remember that human toothpaste is not suitable for dogs and that there are other organic and healthier alternatives for your pooch.

If you have any comments or stories regarding the use of human toothpaste for dogs, feel free to write in the space provided below.


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