Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix: What Is This Dog?

What is a Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix? It is a question that baffles even some long-time pet owners. This is proof that the world of dog breeding is so vast that anything could be possible. But in this article, we will discuss more this unique German Shepherd breed. We suppose that you are as curious as for other dog lovers out there. So there's no reason to wait. Just read on!


Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix

Dog of the day: Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix

Specifically, a Blue Heeler German Shepherd is a mixture of a German Shepherd (that should be a given) and an Australian Cattle Dog that has "blue" coloration. When you cross breed these dogs together, their offspring will inherit the attributes and qualities of any of them. That's the reason why the resulting offspring does not really show equal semblance from both parents. Instead, its physical traits usually favor one of the parents.

Moreover, you should know that both of these dog breeds are under the herding group of American Kennels. Therefore, a Blue Heeler German Shepherd has a natural affinity to cater and herd livestock.

Now that we got a grasp about this hybrid dog, it is a good time to highlight the features of both of its parents. In this way, you can get a clear idea on what to expect about this furry pet.

German Shepherd

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix - German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is among the most favorite dog breeds in the United States today. In fact, it is safe to say that this dog is highly recognized in the world today.

Primarily, a German Shepherd is a versatile dog. It can do a lot of tasks aside from herding. Most of the security and military organizations in the world today are training this dog to track illegal drugs and substances. Moreover, they also use to sniff out criminals and other military-related activities. It is a service dog that you will surely love.

When the 9/11 attack took place, German Shepherds were the main rescue dogs. They were able to crawl to ruins and saved several survivors in the process.

A German Shepherd might be the embodiment of the "best dog". However, you should realize that this particular dog breed has some peculiar nuances that you have to cater. Otherwise, you won't be able to take care of it properly.

Specifically, a German Shepherd is not an idle dog. In short, it needs a lot of exercise and activities. If it feels boredom, it will tend to chew and dig around, which could be pesky for your property.

The physical trait of a German Shepherd is tall and long, which somehow depicts its strong personality. Meanwhile, its typical color is a hue of light brown that has been mixed with black saddles. White German Shepherds also exist, but they are permissible in any AKC events.

Australian Cattle Dog

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix - Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle is a hybrid dog itself. Specifically, it is an offspring of the breeding between a Collie, Dalmatian, and a Dingo. However, the process took several generations before the Australian Cattle were born. But since its inception, many considered that this dog is the best canine when it comes to herding cattle and flocks!

The original name of this dog is Australian Heeler, but later on, it changed to the Queensland Heeler. Informally, they call this a red or a blue heeler, which just depends on the coloring that this dog has. But the majority of the Heelers today have a blue coloration. This is the reason why many pet owners call this "blue speckled" or "blue-mottled" Australian Heeler.

Specifically, this dog can exhibit tanned areas on its legs and head. When the time it mature, a male blue heeler could grow as high as 20 inches. Meanwhile, their female counterpart would have an adult frame of around 19 inches in height. When it comes to impression, dog owners suggest that an Australian Cattle Dog has a strong-built, which is ideal for rugged tasks.

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix Temperament

The mixture of a German Shepherd and Australian Cattle should be an intelligent dog. After all, both of these dog breeds exhibit noticeable intellect. Moreover, you can expect that the Blue Heeler German Shepherd is active and highly energetic. If you plan to own one, you should always display leadership and firmness to it. Otherwise, it would be stubborn and will disobey you from time to time.

When it comes to needs, the dog should have a leaning towards a German Shepherd rather than an American Cattle. If you can get the latter, then you have to ready yourself because there will be a lot of spending to do! But regardless of the temperament, it is still undeniable that a Blue Heeler German Shepherd is good with adults and teenagers. On the flip side, they might appear too hard for young children to handle.


We already clarified the kind of dog that a Blue Heeler German Shepherd is. Its nuances are not as different from its parents, but there is a tendency that it would still develop new behavior that you should watch out. Therefore, you still need to train it properly, especially during its younger days.

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