5 Of The Best Reasons Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other’s Mouth

Why do dogs lick each other’s mouth? For pet owners, this curious question needs to be answered. After all, they want to understand the behavior of their precious little paws.

Of course, any animal experts would tell that body language of dogs is the key to understanding the behavior of the latter. If you want to get close to your dog, you should be able to determine these unique gestures of theirs.

One of the most noticeable actions of dogs is licking the mouth of another dog. Apparently, this type of kinetic communication has a meaning. But it doesn’t mean that it could only imply to one end. In fact, when a dog licks the mouth of another dog, such could indicate various things.

How To Tell If A Dog Has A Fever: The Best Answer!

How to tell if a dog has a fever? Such question is really hard to answer, even for long-time pet owners. After all, it is quite difficult to determine if an animal is suffering from illness or not. Most of the time, we shrug off their complaints as nothing but their peculiar nuances.

Most of the time, pet owners try to assess the condition of their dogs through the latter’s nose. If the nose is moist and cold, then the dog is in its top condition. If the opposite, then the animal could be having a severe fever. But is this preliminary observation the best indicator for a dog’s fever? We don’t think so.

Can Dogs Have Autism? Everything You Need To Know

February 20, 2017

We all know the fact that canines are indeed beneficial for humans, like adults and children that are suffering from autism. But, a question whether can dogs have autism could also be encountered.

Indeed, autism is very rare in dogs wherein some scientists and experts would doubt that this condition could ever happen to a dog.

The Top 10 Best Dogs For Men Like You

February 17, 2017

We just want to be straight here, WE ALL WANT DOGS. No matter whether you are a woman or a man, these pets are great to have. Women can’t resist their cuteness, whether they are barking on their leash to tell them they need a walk, begging for food, or getting so excited when the owner comes back home – they are just adorable. Dogs are just the best companion that most men want to have, as they are fun, intelligent and faithful!

Manly dogs don’t have to be “macho” or wild and aggressive. Instead, they are measured by their physical appearance, like their size. Other important factors include their endurance, agility, speed, strength, personality and intelligence. Whatever your preferences may be, here is a list of the top agreeable dog breeds for you!

Proven Step By Step Ways On How To Induce Dog Labor

February 15, 2017

A pregnant dog will have many of the same symptoms that a pregnant woman has. Once the pregnancy progresses, they become uncomfortable with the added weight. They can also have complications due to the the puppies being carried too long or being too big. In most cases, the dog owners will want to try and induce labor in order to avoid these complications. While it would be better to put the dog under the care of a licensed veterinarian, there are also ways that you can use to induce dog labor or to help facilitate labor at home by using all-natural home remedies.

BEST Dry Foods Your Golden Retriever Will Love!

January 27, 2017

With their cheerful disposition and beautiful coat, Golden Retrievers are the quintessential family dog. Golden Retrievers are active, large dogs with big appetites. Proper nutrition is critical to this dog breed to prevent health issues and maintain its beautiful, shiny coat.

Dog foods are not created equal. Some are loaded with fillers and grains while others are packed with artificial preservatives that are not good for your pooch’s health! But there are hundreds of dog food brands to choose from, how do you pick the tastiest ones for your pet?

Don’t fret, we’ve assembled our group of Goldens to test some of the most highly rated dog food brands on the market to help you narrow down your search for the best dog food for Golden Retrievers!