5 Of The Best Puppy Pads For Potty Training

When potty training your dog, it is beneficial if you got the best puppy pads. In this way, you can prevent unwanted mess from leaking in your floor!If you decided to adopt a puppy in your home, then you should prepare yourself to do some extra work. After all, you will be engaging yourself to potty train your dog. Of course, this is not an easy thing to do, especially if you don't have the best puppy pads.

A new dog will tend to familiarize its new environment before it can acclimatize to it. When things are good for it, the dog will eventually mark the turf as its own territory. Obviously, the dog won't use barricades to secure its place. Instead, they are using this pee. This is the biggest reason why pups love to urinate inside your home.

If you don't know the proper approach to potty training, this instinctive mannerism of your dog will go out of control. You should realize that dogs are smart animals. They can learn your house rules, once you set a rewarding regimen for them. But even if you know the process, it still doesn't guarantee that the results would be smooth. At the end of the day, potty training is still a messy task.

Because of these, a lot of dog trainers recommend the use puppy pads. In this way, pet owners would lessen the mess that toilet training could bring. On the other hand, not all puppy pads are worth your money. Some of them would just leave you disappointed. Lucky for you, we listed the ideal brands of puppy pads on the market today. Each of these would certainly protect your house from the pee of your pup! Here are they!


**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Puppy Pad Buying Guide

Before you decide to buy a puppy pad, make sure you already have the plans for using it. Take this one for example. A lot of pet owners use the puppy pad as a form of transition accessory while they are training their dogs to pee outside. If you are aiming for such a long term goal, then the training pad would simply be a temporary tool for you. However, there are still few owners who want to use the training pad for a long time.

5 Of The Best Puppy Pads For Potty Training

Selecting the Pads Based on Application

If you aim to train your pup momentarily before transitioning to outdoors, the best route you can take is disposable pads. After all, washable pads are more expensive than the disposables. The former will only benefit you if you are planning to use them on a long-term basis.

Of course, it would be too impractical to choose disposable pads if you plan on using them for the entire lifespan of your pet. Although disposables are cheap, the accumulating cost of buying it frequently would eventually overwhelm you. In this case, washable pads are your best choice.

Regardless of your preference, make sure that the product you choose is environment-friendly. You don't want to choose a puppy pad that has adverse implications on Mother Earth. Your puppy would be sad about that.

Disposable Pads

Disposable Dog Training Pads

Disposable pads are an easy-to-use potty tool. Using it won't give you any a headache since you can throw it after it is full already. Moreover, its initial cost is way cheaper than washable pads. Meanwhile, most of the disposables today have chemical treatments to prevent any pungent smell from fuming.

On the flip side, there are still drawbacks for disposables. The first one is that they can accumulate a lot of waste in the long run. It would be troublesome to deal with. Moreover, your dog might chew and move the pad.

Washable Pads

Washable Dog Training Pads

Washable pads can give a lot of advantages. They are cost-efficient on the long run. You don't need to buy another one if your current pad is still in good condition. Furthermore, washable pads are durable too. Your pups won't be able to rip them easily.

Another impressive feature of a washable pad is its stability. Specifically, you can mount and secure it to the floor so that your dog won't be able to move it! They can hold huge volumes of liquid as well. As a result, you don't have to wash them frequently.

But on the downside, most washable pads don't have chemical treatments. Therefore, if you don't wash them regularly, they could release foul odor in your home.

Using a Puppy Pad as a Transition Tool

If the training pad is just a temporary training tool for you, then there are easy guidelines that you can follow to make it a convenient process. The first thing that you have to do is placing the pad away from the food and crate of your dog. Specifically, the distance should be around a meter from the door.

After few weeks, you should put the training pad right in front of the door already. In this way, your dog will immediately run towards the door when it wants to pee. Sooner, it would be okay for your to remove the pad and let your dog do the deed outside.

Using a Puppy Pad as a Transition Tool

Using a Puppy Pad as a Lifetime Solution

Similar to the previous process, you need to place the pad away from the sleeping and eating area of your dog. Moreover, you should choose an area that has no carpets or other delicate home furnishings. Your dog might miss on its first attempts. The key here is to accustom your pup to the training pad. Therefore, you should bring your pup towards it before it goes to sleep and when it wakes up.

Of course, positive reinforcements could also help in the training. When they relieve on the wrong spot, you have to correct them, too. However, you should not inflict any form of physical punishment to your pup. It won't do any good in the training. Instead, firm and sincere affirmations would correct the behavior of your dog. Also, don't forget that treats and rewards could help in the potty training of your dog.

Using a Puppy Pad as a Lifetime Solution

The Best Puppy Pads Reviews

We already showed you the things that you need to know about training pads. Now, we should see some of the top-rated puppy pads on the market today. You have to see which of this one could benefit you and your dog as well! Read on!

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. AmazonBasics Pet-Training Pads

AmazonBasics Pet-Training Pads Review

Image from Amazon.com

The first option that you have to include in your checklist it the puppy pads from AmazonBasics. This particular puppy pad is disposable, with having the fixed dimension of 22 inches x 22 inches. Many users love this product because it can assist well in potty training. It has an impressive absorption and durability that any pet owners would love.

Aside from potty training, you can also use these disposable pads for assisting old and sick dogs. You can also use them when you are traveling with your beloved pet. Specifically, this one comes with five layers. With such kind of design, you can guarantee that the AmazonBasics puppy pads are leakproof. It also got an anti-streaming layer that provides a quick-dry feature. Also, it has unique features that reduce tracking and release of bad odor.


  • Comes with a specialized sugar layer that contains the discharged liquid of your dog.
  • It has a "sponge" core that converts the pee into gel.
  • It has an attractant that lures dog when they want to pee.
  • Leak proof design for user's convenience.
  • Extra durable and highly absorbent


  • Not ideal for large dogs.
  • The absorption is not that fast.

2. All-Absorb Training Pads

All-Absorb Training Pads Review

Image from Amazon.com

Another good training pad that you can give to your pup is this one from All-Absorb. One bag of this product will give you 100 high-quality disposable pads. Moreover, each of the pads comes with five layers for efficient and leak-proof absorption. Just like with the AmazonBasics, its top layer has a quick drying feature that also stops tracking.

The core of this disposable training pad is super absorbent. It can instantly turn the liquid into a gel once it reaches there. Moreover, we love the fact that this puppy pad can hold huge volumes of urine. Specifically, it can absorb up to three cups of pee!

Meanwhile, the All-Absorb training pads are scented and come with chemical treatments that neutralize the urine odor. Overall, we can say that this one is perfect for potty training your pup!


  • Constituted of five layers of absorbing materials.
  • Top surface effectively prevents tracking and leaking.
  • Core is super-absorbent.
  • The back later is a PE film that prevents moisture from going in your floor.
  • High capacity training pad.


  • Dimensions are quite small.
  • It can be moved easily even with slight breezes.

3. EZwhelp Washable Whelping & Puppy Pad

EZwhelp Washable Whelping & Puppy Pad Review

Image from Amazon.com

When looking for a training pad, one option that you should not ignore is the EZwhelp Washable Whelping & Puppy Pad. Specifically, it is the perfect choice for pet owners who wants to have lifetime potty pad for their dogs.

It has an ergonomic design that would allow you to use it quickly. It has a rounded corner that prevents curling. At the same time, such physical innovation enables you to put this potty pad nicely anywhere.

Since it is a washable pad, the EZwhelp is guaranteed environment-friendly. There are no suspicious chemical treatments that are present on this one. Moreover, it has the durability that can last for several years.

However, the best feature that we love about this washable puppy pad is its stain-resistance. Even if you missed a regular washing, you can ascertain that there would be not urine spots on the pad!


  • Bottom is waterproof.
  • Highly comfortable and ergonomic design.
  • Efficient absorption and leakage proofing.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Regular washing doesn't lessen its durability.


  • No chemical treatments (therefore, odor can persist).
  • The fabrics are not pre-shrunk.

4. IRIS Neat n' Dry Pet Training Pads

IRIS Neat n' Dry Pet Training Pads Review

Image from Amazon.com

If you want a convenient choice, then we will confidently recommend you this product. Specifically, the IRIS Neat 'n Dry Pet Training Pads are among the favorite choices of many dog owners today. The reason for this quite simple. This particular puppy pad is very effective in preventing splatters and messes from occurring on your floor. Moreover, it comes with five super-absorbent layers to guarantee a leak-proof performance.

Its top layer has a quilted design that stops the liquid from tracking. Also, it can instantly turn the urine into a gel upon reaching the core. When it comes to capacity, we can say that this one has a convincing quality. It can hold up to a quart of urine. Therefore, you don't need to replace the pad from time to time!


  • Ideal choice for dogs with difficulties in bladder control.
  • Super absorbent layers.
  • Can effectively prevent tracking and leakage.
  • The bottom layer is waterproof.
  • Quick absorption.


  • It feels like the pads are thinner than you expect it to be (not exactly a deal breaker).
  • Smaller compared to other pads in this list.

5. Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty

Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass Review

Image from Amazon.com

Perhaps, the most innovative puppy pad that you can give to your dog is the Fresh Patch. This disposable pad is using real grass to attract dogs to relieve on it. Moreover, the grass acts as odor neutralizer as well. Therefore, you can guarantee that your indoors would always smell fresh! Meanwhile, these grasses are grown hydroponically.

The absorbing mechanism of Fresh Patch is quite riveting as well. The roots of the grass have a sophisticated structure that sips the odor and urine. Furthermore, because this product doesn't have parts that you need to reuse or clean, disposing of it is very easy. Aside from being dog-friendly, the Fresh Patch Potty Pad is also an eco-friendly product! Your puppy will certainly love to have this!


  • Spacious potty pad (16 inches x 24 inches).
  • Can cater dogs of up to 25 pounds.
  • Prevents bad odor from leaking.
  • Easy disposable.
  • Perfect for pet owners who are always busy.


  • It can attract small critters.
  • It doesn't come with a holder (you need to buy one because the board is not waterproof).

Final Verdict

A puppy pad is essential for toilet training. Of course, you can potty train your dog without this accessory. But you have to prepare for the potential mess that it could bring. The reason why many pet trainers recommend this product is because it protects your home from those unwanted discharges of your dog. If you could teach your pup to put its mess on the pad, then your home would be free from urine leakages and odor.

Best puppy pads

All of the products that we listed here are some of the best puppy pads on the market today. Many dog owners choose them over other training pads because of their excellent absorption and quality. Aside from that, these pads are highly durable as well. Therefore, if you are looking for a training pad for your dog, better check out these products first!

Did you learn from this article? What are your thoughts about these puppy pads? Share us your answers in the comment section below! Good luck training your dog!

5 Of The Best Puppy Pads For Potty Training
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