The Top 10 Best Dogs For Men Like You

February 17, 2017

We just want to be straight here, WE ALL WANT DOGS. No matter whether you are a woman or a man, these pets are great to have.

Women can’t resist their cuteness, whether they are barking on their leash to tell them they need a walk, begging for food, or getting so excited when the owner comes back home – they are just adorable. Dogs are just the best companion that most men want to have, as they are fun, intelligent and faithful!

Manly dogs  don't have to be “macho” or wild and aggressive. Instead, they are measured by their physical appearance, like their size. Other important factors include their endurance, agility, speed, strength, personality and intelligence. Whatever your preferences may be, here is ​a list of the top agreeable dog breeds for you!


1. Bulldog

Top 10 best dog breeds for men - Bulldogs

Bulldogs are loyal, docile, and low-energy companions! If you consider yourself to be a homie guy, here is the best breed for you.

Unlike most dogs, who are very energetic and need exercise at least an hour a day, Bulldogs are quite the opposite. They want to be lazy all the time and just lie down and eat all day, mainly because they tend to have respiratory and back problems..

It is best to choose a small breed if you do not want to be bothered about their health issues. They can overheat quickly, so always keep them cool.

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In the late 1800s, the Victorians began to breed Bulldogs so that they were shorter and squatter with larger shoulders. Decades later, the larger Olde English Bulldog has been made developed, which closely resembles the Bulldogs that we have now, but tends to have fewer health problems.

Watch the video to know about Breed Standards!

2. Harrier

Top 10 best dog breeds for men - Harrier


Harriers belong to the hound family and they can be harder to train than Labrador Retrievers. However, they are friendly and more energetic than bulldogs. Because of their nose, they are considered to be pack dogs. They love to howl

If you consider yourself an active male who like hiking, climbing and other similar exercise, you have just found your best buddy partner! Just remember to leash him, as they will always want to follow scents and smells.

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Harriers have a strong "pack heritage" and you will need to provide them a constant pack relationship. A lonely Harrier that isn't very active can be destructive, so provide them with activity everyday or another dog with less energy they can play with.

Watch this video to read 10 facts about Harriers:

3. Labrador Retriever

Top 10 best dog breeds for men - Labrador Retriever

This popular breed is very easy to train and eager to please, so they are a perfect home dog for a family! There are two types of Labrador: one which shows and one that works.

The type that show is a breed with exact specifications that are shorter and stockier. The working type is better at retrieving.

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Training this breed may not be easy. Therefore, it is advisable to find a dog that is already trained in order to avoid these headaches.

Watch this video to know some important facts about Labradors:

4. Greyhound

Top 10 best dog breeds for men - Greyhound

Most Greyhounds have a keen sense of smell while others, such as whippets and Greyhounds, rely more on their vision.

As pets, Greyhounds require less exercise. Just a regular walk everyday can be sufficient. They can sometimes run away from you to chase something, so you'd better have them on the leash.

Even though they appear to be huge, they can be perfect for small apartments because of their calm nature. They are also perfect for hunting. So, if you are obsessed with hunting, you've already found your perfect match!

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Instead of buying a young Greyhound, consider adopting a retired racer. They can be so easy to live with, as no training is necessary.

Watch the video to read facts about Greyhounds!

5. Brittany

Top 10 best dog breeds for men - Brittany

This breed is more low-key that most of the retrievers. They are very easy to train, very dependable, and fit, so they're great for active owners. They have a good background for hunting, which is why they are suitable for single men.

Don’t get this wrong, they can also be good with children, but they are more dependable and loyal to people who they bond with all the time.

These dogs are Olympians. They like to be active, so provide them exercise every day, like hunting activities. This is important because without direction, they can be destructive in their behavior.  

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Some hunters use bird dogs, such as Britanys to retrieve, flush or point, and some breeds can do all of these things. Most people use them to point in hunting.

Watch this video about Brittanys in DOGS 101:

6. Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Top 10 best dog breeds for men - Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen


This breed is called PBGV for short. They like children and want to play most of the time, but dog can also be a great companion for a guy like you. It can be trained, as this breed likes to hunt, but PBGVs can react instinctively, rather than listen to your commands, so be patient. PBGVs are so friendly they can even be friends with strangers.

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They can be very sociable with other dogs and participate well in a hunting pack. They also need plenty of grooming!

Dogs 101 - Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen:

7. Parson Russell Terrier

Top 10 best dog breeds for men - Parson Russell Terrier

These dogs are independent, active and feisty, but can sometimes be stubborn. So it's better that they are handled by an experienced owner rather than a first-timer. They are also independent and sometimes ignore commands.

They can’t live in a small apartment because of their energy. But the good thing about them is that they are highly active, sociable and friendly, which makes them a good, active member of a pack.

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The American Kennel Club accepts Parson Russell Terriers but not Jack Russells. Both dogs are similar but Parson Russell Terrier dogs have longer legs and a squarer torso.

DOGS 101 - Jack Russell, watch this video!

8. Great Dane

Top 10 best dog breeds for men - Great Dane

Even though they are extremely huge, and much too big to be a lapdog, Great Danes just love to rest with you for most of the time. They are people-orientated gentle giants: loyal, protective, and intelligent.

They are low-energy dogs and so can live in a small apartment. They need excellent basic training but don’t require any exhaustive exercise, so if you are not a very active guy, here’s your mate!

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It is advised to have cropped ears Danes. More and more people are having this procedure however, English banned it for they find it painful to the side of the dogs.

Dogs 101 : Great Dane, watch this video!

9. Border Collie

Top 10 best dog breeds for men - Border Collie

They are very active and so have to be exercised more than some other dogs. This means keeping them active can be a demanding job. According to one piece of research, they are very intelligent and can memorize 200 command words.

Like other active dogs, they can be destructive if they don’t have any way of releasing their energy. They can do well in sports and are good at herding. So they’re perfect, right?

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They work well in a farm as herding animals. However, if you are not a farm guy, then you will have to give them extra activities to do.

Dogs 101- Border Collie, watch this video!

10. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Top 10 best dog breeds for men - Staffordshire Bull Terrier

These are friendly dogs with a very good temperament. They are also very sweet and mild with children. They need extra space and time because they are very active and love playing. If you are a bit of a hyper male, this dog will be a good fit for you!

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This breed is a descendent of ancient mastiff-type dogs, called Molossians. By the 1800s, hunters were using versions of this breed for bull and bear baiting, and breeders tried to eliminate its aggressive tendencies.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog Breed Guide:

There you go lads! That was a list of the top 10 list dog breeds that are perfect for petting, or for any activities you want to have with your partner!

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